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At Roshni Ghar, we value everything volunteers contribute to the organisation and the communities we serve. Volunteers bring their knowledge, skills, experience, and passion and give this willingly to support patients, service users and the community. Volunteers can have a significant and sometimes life changing impact on the experience of patients and service users.

Volunteering with us will contribute to building your skills and confidence to pathways into other areas of training, placements and where possible routes to employment. We will aim to provide volunteers with on- going development opportunities proportionate to their roles and commitment. We will also provide references once you have completed volunteering over a set agreed period of time.

Volunteering at Roshni Ghar consists of placements within one of our groups in either Bradford or Keighley, where you will support Roshni Ghar staff to plan and deliver activities for our service users.  Groups run once a week and last for 2 hours.  We ask that a volunteering commitment is made for at least 6 months, which give you sufficient time to learn the workings of the organisation and build an appropriate rapport with the service users.

How to apply

Read the Handbook

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