our staff

Meet The Team

Our team is what makes Roshni Ghar tick over and help hundreds of people each day. Take a look!

The Board

We have a diverse board which consists of 8 individuals who all have an interest in mental health and wellbeing. The board are responsible for the strategic guidance of the organisation.

F. Ansari

Child Psychologist

M. Shutt

Specialism: Autism

J. Akhtar

Specialism: Finances

C. Rowen


R. Williams

Specialism: Dementia

J. Ali

Adult Social Care, Health & Wellbeing

F. Shaheen

Mental health champion


Roshni Ghar has 9 staff who all have extensive health and wellbeing knowledge and experience. In addition to this they all have bilingual skills and are culturally aware of the needs of the women that we work with.

S. Akhtar

Service Manager

Z. Yasin

Mental Health & Psychological Wellbeing Lead (Sahara Counselling)

S. Din

Volunteer & Community Engagement

L. Moni

Mental Health Support Worker (Bangla)

M. Booth

Admin Worker

M. Choudhury

Mental Health Support Worker

D. Sehmbi

Carers Wellbeing Worker (Carer & Dementia Lead)

A. Noman

Project Support Worker

S. Kausar

Wellbeing Worker

S. Choudhrey

Peer to Peer Support Worker

Supporting Staff

Our supporting staff bring a unique set of skills to support the work that Roshni Ghar does. They are an integral part of the organisation.

T Akhtar