Sahara Counselling

Self Referral

Due to barriers in accessing appropriate counselling as highlighted by some of the women we support, Roshni Ghar developed a bespoke Culturally sensitive counselling service – Sahara Counselling, to meet the needs of its clients. The Sahara Culturally Sensitive Counselling Support Service involves both one-to-one counselling support and group therapy. From April 2021 – March 2022 alone, 97 clients received 1:1 support consisting of a total of 670 sessions.

The group therapy counselling is designed and delivered using a client-centred approach by a trained psychotherapist supported by Roshni Ghar staff. The sessions have covered different topics such as bereavement, grief and loss, learned helplessness, and behaviour change.

Changing mindsets

Sahara counselling sessions work on identifying and changing inaccurate or distorted thinking patterns, responses and behaviours and provides psycho-education focusing on educating clients about their mental health issues and ways of coping. Sahara counselling is delivered in both group settings and as 1 to 1 support.  All sessions are delivered in the client’s spoken language with special consideration to religious and cultural needs. The setting is accessible and supportive and is a safe space for clients to openly share and discuss their issues. The group therapy sessions have also helped clients receive support and encouragement from other members of the group. Participants have told us that these groups have allowed them to see that others are also going through similar experiences, and this has helped them feel ‘less alone’. Feedback from clients has been overwhelmingly positive and they have reported that they have learnt appropriate coping strategies to help manage their mental health and have found the sessions beneficial to their wellbeing.

In response to the vast number of referrals we have received from men and boys in the community, we have opened our Sahara counselling service to men and boys; thus reducing gender barriers to seeking mental health support.

You can refer yourself directly to the Sahara Counselling service so there is no need to go through your GP or health car practitioner. The self-referral is direct and discreet.

Sahara Counselling video capture

Please see the following video to learn about our culturally appropriate Sahara Counselling service. We thank all therapists and service users for sharing their positive experiences.

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This form is to be completed for self-referrals only. If you are a health professional wanting to refer a client, to any of Roshni Ghar services, please complete the professional referral form.